He wanted to buy cheap snow chains, but instead his account at the post office ran out.

The unfortunate protagonist of the story, a 38-year-old worker from Gesturi , who in recent weeks had filed a complaint with his mother with the police, suspecting he was the victim of a scam.

In fact, he had responded to an advertisement found on the web, which offered a snow chain for cars at the price of 100 euros . After agreeing with the (fake) vendors, the latter "dictated" him some operations to be carried out at a Postamat counter to pay the agreed amount. But instead of paying the money into someone else's account, the 38-year-old - deceived by a procedure he did not know - found himself transferring 5,000 euros to the scammers.

At that point he and his mother turned to the military, who started the investigation, finally managing to trace the perpetrators of the scam: they are two brothers from Sassari, aged 51 and 54, who were reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office for aggravated fraud.


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