Delegate Luisa Pasella is enthusiastic about the excellent result of the Vivinfitness Palau she organized yesterday in collaboration with the ASD Sport Academy Olbia.

«A moment of aggregation, which saw people of all ages, families and even new mothers with strollers, to demonstrate that sport, culture and entertainment have no boundaries. An innovative and fun initiative to discover the beauty and charm of Palau in time with music."

The event, the first of its kind in Palau, was sold out from the first days; 100 participants of which 54% in the 40-60 age group, 34% under 40 and 12% over 60.

«A beautiful snake that struck everyone with the atmosphere it was able to create as it passed by», comments Luisa Pasella «thus testifying to the enthusiasm and interest of the local community towards initiatives that promote health and well-being through outdoor physical activity".

The peculiarity of the event was that all participants wore the event t-shirt and supplied wireless headphones through which the music and the trainers' instructions marked the rhythm of the experience, alternating music, dancing and fun with fitness sessions. The event was enriched by the vocal accompaniment of the teacher Marilena Bruschi, who provided a brief cultural narration on the localities of Porto Faro and Piazza Fresi. There were 4 stations chosen by the trainers, all resident in Palau: in via Capo d'Orso, in Porto Faro, in Palau Vecchio and in Piazza Due Palme.

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