On the eve of April 25th Sardinia falls back into winter . Already today a veil of white flakes has reappeared on Gennargentu , but tomorrow we will see a new return of snow above 800 metres . There will be no shortage of rain that will first appear in the north-western sector and then, on April 25, in the south.

Temperatures down by 2-3 degrees with a significant temperature range, minimums of 2 degrees and maximums that do not rise more than 16 degrees.

To see the sun behind the clouds again we will have to wait until Saturday 27th when a bit of heat will return with highs of up to 25 degrees.

«Already today, Sardinia is affected by a depression circulation which attracts cold air of arctic origin and which causes a sharp drop in temperatures ; and from today's evening the conditions will worsen with tense mistral ventilation and increased cloud cover in the evening with rain in the western sector , in particular in Alghero" they explain from the Air Force weather office. Some snowfall is expected during the night from today, between 700 and 800 meters, while there will be precipitation from tomorrow.

«Cloudy skies – the Air Force weather office continues – with the possibility of rain over southern Sardinia on April 25th due to the low-pressure circulation which will bring an alternation of clouds and clearings and widespread instability. The only significant change will occur from Saturday with the circulation becoming southerly and the entry of the sirocco with a slight recovery in temperatures".


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