Sun, wind and water are the resources and opportunities for the development of Sardinia. A clean development, without speculation and against the devastation of the territory. This is the logic behind the initiative of the Nino Carrus association which will take place next Friday in Macomer. in the former Mura barracks, it calls together experts, scholars and politicians, as well as citizens, operators in the tourism and agricultural sectors, and therefore the regional council.

Speakers will include Fabrizio Pilo, Vice Rector for Territory and Innovation of the University of Cagliari, Omar Chessa, constitutionalist of the University of Sassari, Laura Onita, specialized in environmental law, Maurizio Onnis, mayor of Villanovaforru, then the regional councilor for Industry, Emanuele Dogs. Giuseppe Deiana, editor-in-chief of the Sardinian Union, will coordinate the debate and explain the situation to the public.

«In the meantime - explains Rosanna Carboni, president of the Nino Carrus association - we start from a categorical no against energy speculation, while opening up to the ecological transition. Sun, wind and water constitute the resources and opportunities for the development of our Island. The richness of these sources has made Sardinia a highly attractive territory and without serious planning and a project capable of seizing the opportunity for Sardinia's development and growth, we run the risk of devastation in pure colonial style." Friday's initiative aims to be a starting point to try to stem or reject speculation.

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