For every kilometer of beach there are about 600 tons of organic material mixed with waste.

And it is starting from this data that the Municipality of Alghero, which boasts a record production of oceanic posidonia , together with the industrial consortium and the Province of Sassari, has worked tirelessly to build a new plant for the treatment of the redundant posidonia.

Mayor Mario Conoci had imagined it in October 2020 who immediately involved the other entities. Instead, it was designed by Ezio Esposito, the 57-year-old entrepreneur originally from Bergamo who already opened a similar specialized center in Quartu Sant'Elena in 2019 and who knows the problem of the beaches of the Coral Riviera well . given that the Municipality of Alghero is its biggest customer. The new plant will be built in the industrial area of San Marco, on the outskirts of the city, with funds from the Pnrr: five million euros, with the forecast of starting the construction site next month and bringing it to completion in eight months.

This was announced by the president of the Industrial Consortium of the Province of Sassari, Valerio Scanu, confident that this center will also be useful to the other coastal municipalities. Also present at the presentation of the project were the Councilor for the Environment Andrea Montis and the administrator of the Province of Sassari Pietro Fois.

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