Several cuts on the back of Manuela Murgia , the sixteen-year-old found dead in Cagliari in 1995 and whose case was dismissed as suicide. The family members showed them in a post on the Facebook group "Justice for Manuela Murgia".

Having obtained the documents a few months ago, the relatives of the girl found lifeless in the Tuvixeddu gorge continue their battle with strength and perseverance to obtain the truth about the case .

And the more time passes, the more pieces are added to the story. According to investigators, Manuela committed suicide, she flew thirty meters and ended up on the ground with her face and the front part of her body . Yet, "you don't cause yourself frontal damage" , the family members underline, highlighting the inconsistency.

«Inexplicably, however, all over your back (covered by a Montgomery jacket and a shirt perfectly stuck inside your trousers) you make these cuts, while your clothing is intact». And the one indicated by the arrow, they underline, "is made with a blunt instrument" .

«Manuela – the family continues to write – had these signs all over her back».

In conclusion, the relatives claim, the girl «never threw herself from that rock face, it's time to stop hiding the truth, Manuela was barbarously murdered twice. From her executioners and from those who did not give her justice ."


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