On the one hand, the alleged verbal and physical attacks against the ex-wife, according to the prosecution, lasted several years until the woman asked for separation. On the other hand, the morbid jealousy towards his teenage daughter, who - again according to the hypothesis of the Prosecutor's Office - would have prevented, through punishments and often leaving her without money, from wearing fashionable clothes to go out and see her peers. All aggravated by the abuse of alcohol that would have made the man even more violent.

A 48-year-old from Sarroch, an employee of a chemical company, was called to answer for the accusation of family mistreatment, persecutory acts and injuries by the prosecutor Maria Virginia Boi, at the end of the investigation into facts dating back to 2018. On 12 September it is The preliminary hearing has been set before the Gup of the Court, Lucia Perra, who will have to decide whether to send the accused to trial or to drop the charges with acquittal.

The investigation, conducted by the Carabinieri of Sarroch and by those of the judicial police section, was born from the complaint of the ex-wife, presented when - after yet another quarrel - she went to the emergency room to be treated for bruises (prognosis of 5 days, hence the accusation of minor injuries) and, within a few days, leave with his daughter Sarroch to be hosted in a protected home. From the story of the woman and her thirteen-year-old daughter it emerged that the man would have had a violent and jealous behavior even towards the girl, preventing her from hanging out with peers and dressing in fashionable clothes. (fr. pi.)

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