At least two stabs in the belly, one lethal: the 40-year-old Giovanni Senatore was killed in this way, at the height of a dispute outside a bar in Castelleone, in the province of Cremona, who later died in hospital.

The attacker , the 38-year-old Mauro Mutigli, like the victim residing in the village, was arrested by the carabinieri at the door of the house, after a chase of a handful of meters, with the military who blocked him while still clearly altered, he shouted "I'll kill you. everyone, I'll kill you all. "

It all happened at 9:30 pm on Wednesday, the day of San Lorenzo, when a party with street artists was organized in the village: the two were sitting at the tables of a restaurant near Piazza del Comune when a dispute broke out , for reasons still to be clarified. A verbal quarrel that quickly degenerated: punches, kicks and sit down.

Other patrons intervened and it seemed that everything was over. Instead Mutigli reached the scooter with which he had arrived at the bar and recovered the knife from under the seat. He ran back, confronted Senator, and sank the blade. At least twice. Maybe more. A friend, 33-year-old Alessandro Ferrari, smeared, intervened to defend Senatore, now on the ground in a lake of blood.

Then Mutigli left, amid the screams of those present, who alerted the Carabinieri and 118. Senator was transported to the hospital in already desperate conditions , while the investigators began the hunt for Mutigli. A matter of a few minutes and they stopped him in front of his house : now, taken to the Cremona prison, he is at the disposal of the judicial authorities and must answer for murder.

Seized the knife, pending the interrogation of guarantee and the autopsy that will have to clarify how many times the 40-year-old was hit and what was the lethal blow, the carabinieri are still collecting testimonies . In particular to understand what was the reason that triggered the showdown ended in blood.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Castelleone, Pietro Fiori, expressed condolences for Giovanni's family, explaining that it is difficult to comment on a "very serious fact, which upsets our entire community". The mayor himself, one of the first to reach the bar scene of the stabbing, was also sorry "because I have not yet seen even a flower on the ground, where a boy died ...".

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