" Pope Francis rested well during the night, the clinical picture is gradually improving and he is continuing with the planned treatments ".

This was announced by the director of the Vatican press office Matteo Bruni.

This morning the Pontiff, after having breakfast, "read some newspapers and resumed work, before lunch he went to the small chapel of his private apartment, where he gathered in prayer and received the Eucharist".

Medical sources from Gemelli report that Bergoglio's hospitalization "was timely given the risk factors" and in the case of respiratory infections (as in this circumstance) "the early use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories is the best guarantee of a speedy recovery" . The hospitalization will also allow the Pope to undergo intravenous therapy, while oxygen monitoring and blood chemistry tests continue.

Numerous messages reached the Pope, including those of Sergio Mattarella and Joe Biden.

"I am touched by the many messages received in these hours and I express my gratitude to everyone for their closeness and prayers", reads a tweet from Bergoglio .

Despite the cautious optimism that is leaked out, no one is saying anything about whether and how much Francesco will leave the apartment on the tenth floor of the Gemelli. For this reason, the Vatican has started the procedures for the new organization of the Mass of the Palms , which effectively opens the rites of Holy Week. It will be celebrated by the vice dean of the College of Cardinals Leonardo Sandri .

«Yes, I can certainly confirm that I will celebrate mass , I was warned last Monday by the pontifical master of ceremonies that the rites of Holy Week would each be celebrated by a cardinal, they asked me for Palm Sunday. I naturally hope that the Pope will recover and will be able to preside over the liturgies as happened on other occasions, even though there was a cardinal who officiated at the altar», confirmed the person concerned.

But there is uncertainty about the Pope's presence also for the Coena Domini on Thursday, the via Crucis of the Colosseum on Good Friday, the Easter vigil on Saturday and Easter Sunday mass the following day. A liturgical tour de force, a considerable physical effort for the Pontiff: even in the event of his resignation, the doctors could advise Bergoglio to rest in Santa Marta, even on Easter Sunday.

An Easter without a Pope would be rather unprecedented, but at this point it is very likely. And the Vatican is already thinking of everything, Cardinal Giovan Battista Re has been warned for the celebration of the Easter mass.


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