With the Mass officiated by the archbishop of Genoa Marco Tasca in memory of the victims and their families, the ceremonies began four years after the tragedy of the Morandi bridge .

It was 11:36 am on 14 August 2018 when the viaduct over the Polcevera stream collapsed causing 43 victims, 11 injured and 566 displaced.

The mass was attended, among others, by the Minister of Infrastructures Enrico Giovannini , the mayor Marco Bucci and the secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini who, before entering the church, that of San Bartolomeo alla Certosa, was entertained with some relatives of the victims.

For the Region the Councilor for Culture Ilaria Cavo.

After the Mass, the memory of the tragedy at the Clearing of Memory, under the new Ponte San Giorgio , where in addition to the minister spoke the president of the Committee for the memory of the victims of Morandi Egle Possetti , the mayor Bucci, the imam, the governor Toti .

43 children delivered as many messages to the relatives of the 43 victims. Last night a concert of sacred music was held at the Clearing of Memory.

IL CORDOGLIO - "On the fourth anniversary of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, the pain of the tragedy that struck forty-three victims is renewed", the words of President Sergio Mattarella . “A wound that cannot be healed , a suffering that knows no oblivion, a solidarity that never fails. A drama that marks the life of the Republic and for which the judiciary is dutifully ascertaining responsibility. First of all, I renew to family members, forced to suffer the greatest pain, the most intense solidarity of our national community ".

"The pain for this terrible anniversary is associated with a conviction: the State must do everything possible to ensure that similar tragedies never happen again ", said Prime Minister Mario Draghi in a message sent to the mayor Marco Bucci. "We must guarantee the security of our infrastructures, protecting the lives of citizens. The credibility of Italy and the institutions is at stake ".

"Genoa does not forget, Genoa wants to grow, Genoa wants justice" underlined the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci , concluding his speech from the stage for the commemoration of the victims of the collapse. After reading the message sent by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Bucci said: "My first thoughts go to the victims and the families of the victims. Genoa does not want to forget , we will always be close to the relatives of those who have lost their lives, Genoa will engrave this date in stone: August 14th ".

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