« And I'm stuck here with all four flat tires, that is, flat in the sense of not punctures. On the asphalt. And he doesn't move for the commemorations of this shit ": this is how Matteo Messina Denaro, on May 23, the day of the commemorations of the Capaci mafia massacre that cost the life of judge Giovanni Falcone , expressed in a chat with some patients he met during cancer therapy his annoyance because, due to the celebrations, he had been stuck in traffic.

«Damn the world», the boss cursed, and concluded, « here I'm pissed off.. really bad ».

Messina Denaro, who would not have revealed his identity to the women, told them of his illness and confided. " I feel abandoned. Like a stray with a broken leg in a puddle on this Christmas night. This is all sleazy to me I need affection . But is it right to beg for affection?” he wrote.

In one of the messages, the boss, who said he was a divorced businessman, refers to a wish expressed by his mother. “There's Anna, she's the girl who stays with my mother. Last night he looks for me, he found a sheet written in my mother's hand. He turns to me and says that when she's dead, at her funeral but whoever says I die after her, she doesn't know this but I do, - she comments - she wants the musical band to play a single tune, the kaiser march, the one they do in Vienna on New Year's Eve. And so now he wants this thing, it must be done because the will of the people is maintained ».


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