A big fire broke out this morning in the villa of Russian presenter Vladimir Solovyev, a supporter of Putin, in Menaggio on Lake Como.

The villa was already seized by the Italian government as part of the economic sanctions against the oligarchs.

According to the initial investigations, it would be an intentional act. To start the fire, which had already been extinguished by the firefighters, tires would have been used.

The carabinieri are sifting through the videos recorded by the video surveillance cameras.

Vladimir Solovyev also owns three villas in Sardinia, in Arzachena. Journalist, writer and TV presenter, born in Moscow and father of three children, he is considered one of Putin's main propagandists.

In recent weeks he has also been noticed in the West, when some sites have resumed his outburst on live TV on the sanctions imposed by Europe, referring precisely to the fear of seeing blocked access to his properties in Italy.

(Unioneonline / vl)

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