Blitz of the Syracuse prosecutor's office against the gang gang .

The carabinieri carried out searches against 24 suspects , and among them 8 people - two company owners and six "corporals" - held responsible, in various capacities and in conjunction with each other, for exploitation against 27 illegal workers, 16 of which also unduly received the citizenship income and for this reason they too were investigated.

According to the reconstruction of the military, a company in Francofonte , in the Syracuse area, outsourced its activities through six "corporals" who were delivered bags containing various objects to be assembled (hundreds of pieces of plastic components for irrigation systems) and to whom the the task of finding low-cost laborers in Francofonte who carried out the bulk of the work in black (at home) with grueling shifts and without any safety requirement.

In the homes of undeclared workers, equipment , pliers, paint sprays, notebooks and diaries were found that scrupulously reported the daily work shifts, including holidays and nights, for no less than 10 hours a day , against a monthly wage between the 100 and 200 euros , as well as the deliveries of materials and the incoming and outgoing movements of those large and numerous bags that could not go unnoticed by the men of the Arma.

The searches were carried out by the carabinieri of the Syracuse Labor Inspectorate Unit, the Provincial Command and other Arma patrols from the provinces of Catania, Messina, Enna and Ragusa and from the labor centers of all Sicily.

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