Another very young student died during an internship. It happened in the Marche region, in the province of Fermo, less than a month after the tragedy in which 18-year-old Lorenzo Parelli lost his life, crushed by an iron beam while he was working on metal carpentry.

This time the victim is a 16 year old, his name is Giuseppe Lenoci and he comes from Monte Urano (Fermo).

The teenager died in a car accident, he was in a van of a thermo-hydraulic company where he was doing an internship.

The vehicle, driven by a 37-year-old man, ran off the road into a tree in Serra de 'Conti. Lenoci was traveling in the passenger seat and died instantly, the fire brigade extracted the body from the metal sheets. The driver was thrown out of the cockpit and ended up several meters away from the van, was injured and was transported to the Torrette di Ancona hospital in serious condition. In addition to the fire brigade and 118, also the local police and the carabinieri.

THE MINISTER - "I express my deepest pain and closeness to the family", the words of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi. "Safety in the workplace must always be guaranteed, even more so when young people in training are involved. a discussion has already begun with the Minister of Labor Orlando and put our technicians to reason. I think it is urgent to meet again together with the Regions for a path that leads to greater safety in all training courses where contacts of our young people with the world of work ".

STUDENTS - Parelli's death triggered a series of student protests throughout Italy, including Sardinia, and the Communist Youth Front immediately spoke about this tragedy.

"Another internship student died in the province of Ancona. He was 16 years old. Not even a month has passed since the death of Lorenzo Parelli", reads a note.

"What is happening in Italy is there for everyone to see. This is the school that governments and bosses wanted. We know what to do, no one has any more excuses. On February 18 the students will be in the streets all over Italy against alternation, maturity and repression suffered ", declared Lorenzo Lang, National Secretary of the Fgc, one of the promoters of the student protests in recent weeks.

"This death adds to a long list of deaths at work and in school deaths caused by a sick system, aimed solely at profit. We express solidarity and closeness to the boy's family, schoolmates and friends," he says. instead Luca Redolfi, national coordinator of the Union of Students.

"We want safety inside and outside schools - they continue - we want school-work alternation and internships to be abolished in favor of integrated education that criticizes the current production system to build a different model of society from the places of training" .

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