Gaia Mura is 14 years old, comes from Oristano, and has been suffering from muscular dystrophy since she was a few months old . When she sings, however, she forgets everything and takes the listener to another dimension.

This is her only way «to feel free and equal to the others», says mother Patrizia. "It never gives up".

The girl, suffering from Ullrich's congenital muscular dystrophy, a rare form of genetic neuromuscular disease, is admitted to the Villa Bellombra hospital in Bologna every 4 months. Gaia loves Adele, Arisa, Sardinian music. And he has two dreams: to go to The Voice and duet with Ultimo.

«Unfortunately it involves not only the skeletal muscle - explains the doctor who is treating him, Dr. Marcello Villanova - but also the respiratory system. Gaia has an important chronic respiratory insufficiency and needs assisted mechanical ventilation, not only during sleep, but also during the day".

He has one-tenth as much air in his lungs as his fellows. But when he comes off the respirator he manages to bring out an incredible voice.

«It's incredible - comments Dr. Villanova - it has an extraordinary strength; she is in love with music, and despite having that little amount of air in her lungs, she can sing. He probably learned to use the diaphragm very well . This allows her to have that tone of voice that is almost impossible for a person with her breathing capacity, it's amazing. It's really exciting."


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