Reduced sentence for Gabriel Falloni, the 37-year-old from Sorso, who confessed to the murder of Elena Raluca Serban.

The Court of Assizes of Appeal of Turin has in fact changed the life sentence imposed on the defendant in the first instance , recalculating it downwards to 24 years' imprisonment .

Raluca, an escort of Romanian origin , had died at the age of 32, on April 17, 2021, in the Aosta apartment that she had been renting for a month.

Falloni, her client, had stabbed her to death: for the purpose of robbery according to the magistrates, as a reaction to a teasing for a sexual dysfunction, according to the defendant.

The Court of Assizes of Appeal has recognized the man with generic extenuating circumstances.

The judges also decided not to order a new psychiatric report, as requested by the defense (supported by lawyers Marco Palmieri and Davide Meloni) who had appealed.

The victim's mother and sister, both from Lucca, were civil parties with the lawyers Corinne Margueret and Maurizio Campo.


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