It was not Cardinal Angelo Becciu who blocked the PwC audit in April 2016.

This is what the lawyers Fabio Viglione and Maria Concetta Marzo affirm in a note, defenders of the prelate of Pattada in the trial that is being held in the Vatican on the management of the funds of the Secretariat of State.

"We underlined, listening to the Auditor General in the classroom, how the decisions taken regarding the suspension of the PwC audit consultancy in April 2016 were not an autonomous choice of the then Deputy Monsignor Becciu, but a position taken by the Secretariat of State , further confirmed by a letter signed by the Cardinal Secretary of State ”, reads the statement.

The secretariat has always been autonomous, even from a financial point of view, underline the lawyers, as "reaffirmed with a papal rescript of 5 December 2016 issued in the hands of Cardinal Parolin".

All this, the two lawyers conclude, demonstrates the " full legitimacy of Cardinal Becciu's behavior , always based on the utmost institutional correctness".

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