The police officer in service with the Flying Squad of the Rieti Police Headquarters who hit a 25-year-old Romanian with a truncheon during the agitated phases of an arrest will be subjected to disciplinary proceedings .

The policeman was filmed by some passers-by in the historic center of the capital of Rieti. He was intervening together with other colleagues, after a young man had been reported who damaged parked cars.

«In reference to a video that resumes the moment of the check - reports the Rieti Police Headquarters - although it is clear that the subject is in a state of strong alteration, one of the operatives uses the supplied truncheon ; for this behavior a disciplinary investigation has already been initiated against him and the judicial authority has been informed".

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Romanian, who had also stripped naked , was arrested by the police "for the crimes of aggravated damage, resistance and injury to a public official and, at the disposal of the Judicial Authority, was subjected to house arrest at his home" .


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