The Court of Cassation confirmed the sentence of 5 years 6 months for the former senator and former banker Denis Verdini for fraudulent bankruptcy in the bankruptcy of the Società Toscana di Edizioni which published the Giornale della Toscana.

The sentences of the other defendants were also confirmed, 5 years to the former Forza Italia MP Massimo Parisi, 3 years each to Girolamo Strozzi Majorca, Pierluigi Picerno and Gianluca Biagiotti as administrators of the Ste in various phases.

The Attorney General of the Supreme Court had requested the annulment of the sentence of the Florence Court of Appeal in May 2022 but the judges declared the appeals presented by the defendants inadmissible.

Denis Verdini is already serving a previous final sentence of 6 years 6 months under house arrest, for health reasons, in his home in Florence, for the collapse of Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino, the bank of which he was president for 20 years.


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