"I made it all up, no bad grades at school."

A twist in the case of the sixteen-year-old girl found and rescued by the police while she was walking on Rome's Grande Raccordo Anulare .

The girl initially accused her mother , a 40-year-old resident in the Pisana area, of kicking her out of the car at the height of an argument over a 5 in Latin taken by the student.

24 hours later the young woman completely recanted her version of events: «The 5 in Latin? I made it up, it's true that I argued with my mother but I got out of the car on my own, voluntarily ."

The first version of the sixteen-year-old had led the traffic police to report the woman for child abuse . Now the agents, having recorded this second account of the facts, have sent it to the Juvenile Court.

Further investigations will be carried out to understand what really happened and what led the girl to wander alone on foot in the middle of the ring road, an extremely dangerous situation. It is not excluded that the student, given the possible consequences for her mother, decided out of fear to recant and exonerate her .

There are so many questions to answer, video surveillance cameras could help. How did the 16-year-old get to that point in the Gra? What is your family life, what are the domestic dynamics?


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