There will also be a member of the Kennedy dynasty among the candidates for the US presidential elections next autumn.

He is Robert Francis Kennedy Jr , born in 1954, third son of Robert Kennedy and, therefore, grandson of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the president of the United States, killed in Dallas in 1963.

Lawyer and writer, RFK , as he is called, is a member of the Democratic Party, but has given up running with the Dems - who will be represented by Joe Biden - to run as an independent.

And, according to polls, Kennedy Jr "threatens" to take more votes away from Donald Trump than from Biden . According to an estimate by NBC News, 40% of Republicans view RFK favorably compared to 16% of Democrats.

In the projection, Trump leads Biden by 2 percentage points head-to-head, 46% to 44%. However, when the vote is expanded to five candidates, Biden leads with 39% to Trump's 37%, while Kennedy is at 13%, Jill Stein at 3% and Cornel West at 2%.

15% of respondents who had chosen Trump the first time chose Kennedy in the five-way ballot, compared to 7% of those who had initially chosen Biden.


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