Donald Trump will be readmitted to Facebook and Instagram in the coming weeks.

This was announced by the US company Meta - which controls the main social platforms - in a note, in which it explains that it will put an end to the suspension of the former US president's accounts after a two-year hiatus.

“In general, we don't want to get in the way of the debate on our spaces, especially in the context of democratic elections. The public must be able to hear what politicians have to say: the good, the bad and the ugly," says Nick Clegg , the president of global affairs at Meta , recalling how Trump's "suspension" in January 2021 , after the assault on Congress in Washington , "it was an extraordinary decision taken in extraordinary circumstances". The former president's accounts had been officially closed on January 7, 2021. "His posts incite violence" , the official explanation of the American holding company. And his decision had also been followed by other social networks, such as YouTube and Twitter .

This readmission «does not mean that there are no limits to what can be said on our platform. When there is a clear risk of harm to the real world then we act,” adds Clegg. The ban "is something that should never have happened to an incumbent president", thunders Trump on Truth - his communication platform - after the announcement of Facebook which, he adds, has " lost billions of dollars in value from when your favorite president, me, was ousted."

Pending the restoration of his accounts, the tycoon would still find himself - in the light of his violations - having to deal with higher penalties in the event of repeated offenses. If he were to post further content in violation of the rules in force, these "will be removed and he will be suspended for a period between one month and two years, depending on the seriousness of the violation," Clegg stresses.

It is unclear now whether, with the suspension lifted, Trump will choose to return to the group's platforms. On Twitter , for example, which reinstated him, he has not returned , preferring to stay on his Truth.

However, with the 2024 elections approaching, for which he ran again, Trump could choose to activate his profiles again, with the aim of obtaining greater visibility in the electoral campaign.


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