Mystery on the death of Alfio Torrisi, 54 years old from Giarre, who died in October 2023 at the Rand memorial hospital in Freeport, in the Bahamas , where he had been hospitalized after an illness on the Carnival cruise line ship "Paradise". The man worked on the cruise ship on behalf of Techni teak of Riposto. The Catania Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation for manslaughter and has two suspects, as a duty to perform the autopsy as an unrepeatable act : the owner of the company he worked for and the captain of the ship. The newspaper La Sicilia reconstructed the story, which was confirmed in judicial circles.

It was impossible to carry out a complete autopsy on the body of the man who, the medical examiner appointed by the Prosecutor's Office, Cristoforo Pomara, found without internal organs, replaced by sawdust mixed with sheets of American newspapers, to embalm him. The acting prosecutor Agata Santonocito and the deputy Emanuele Vadalà have started the procedure for the international letter rogatory.

The investigation in Catania was started on 9 November 2023, after a complaint from the carpenter's wife , assisted by lawyers Antonio Fiumefreddo and Giuseppe Berretta. According to the Torrisi family, the carpenter worked "in working conditions bordering on the inhumane": in the "open sky for 14-16 hours a day" and "without actually taking breaks", in a location which "still records summer temperatures in October with humidity rates among the highest in the world" . In the exposed spotlight also turned on the emergency services after the man feels ill - he has "a severe headache" and "he limps and splutters incomprehensible sentences" - which would have been "characterized by a very serious guilty omission": from three hours and half an hour passed from the illness before the ambulance was called to the failure to be transferred from the "small hospital in Freeport" to Miami, as recommended by the local doctors.

Techni Teak's lawyers, Emanuela Fragalà and Concetto Ferrarotto, state that "at this stage, not having had access to the documents, they have no declaration to make". «My brother was very well, he had undergone medical checks shortly before and was healthy - says Rosaria Torrisi - he left behind a wife and a child, and us sisters and brothers with destroyed fathers. We want to know if he died from work and what happened to his organs. It all seems so absurd. We will not rest until we have the truth."


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