It is Ciro Cirullo, a well-known street artist known by the name of Jorit, the young Italian who last night spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a youth forum in Sochi.

"We have always been admired by Italian art - Putin told him - and it has always kept us close." But it is not only art, according to Putin, that unites Russia and Italy. «Italy's fight for independence, Garibaldi, hasn't this united us? This has always united us." "Italians always have a desire for freedom in their hearts" , added the Kremlin's number one, and "this means that you respect the desire of other peoples to make their choices and choose their destiny".

At the end of the forum Jorit asked him to take a photo with him "to demonstrate to Italy that you are human like everyone else and the propaganda about you is not true" . “Sure, as long as you don't pinch me to make sure I'm a real person,” the Russian president replied.

In Sochi Cirullo also met the actress Ornella Muti, who is in Russia these days.


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