At the moment, the lightning kidnapping of Christoph Berger, head of the Swiss national vaccination commission, kidnapped on March 31st by a man whom the police defined as a “no vax fanatic, conspiracy theorist, Covid denier and flat-earther” remains a mystery.

A couple of days ago the agents of Wallisellen - canton of Zurich - took action to arrest the alleged perpetrator, but in the shooting the 38-year-old was killed as well as his partner. They had weapons and ammunition in the house.

The police then identified a possible accomplice, a 34-year-old, whose role is not clear at the moment, and the whole story also has several dark sides.

According to Berger, his kidnapper was only interested in money, and he would never mention the 59-year-old's role in the anti-Covid vaccination campaign: "My kidnapper, whom I did not know, had me in his power for a good hour. During this time he subjected me to a request for a substantial amount of money. ”When he was reassured that he would soon get what he wanted, he released the hostage who went immediately to the cantonal police.

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