“Super Tuesday” , the day on which multiple primaries are scheduled in the US ahead of the presidential elections, rewards Donald Trump . If, in fact, among the Democrats the result was obvious because essentially only the incumbent president Joe Biden was in the race, among the Republicans the open challenge between the tycoon and Nikki Haley decreed the victory of the former president almost everywhere .

Trump won 14 states : Alabama, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Colorado, Texas, California, Utah and Alaska. While Nikki Haley won in only one state, Vermont, thus avoiding the "sweep" in favor of Trump .

Before all the results were announced, the tycoon delivered his 'victory speech' live on TV at Mar-a-Lago , where on Sunday he also met Elon Musk and other Republican financiers, looking for money for his campaign but perhaps also to pay the almost 500 million fines for the inflated assets.

" They call it Super Tuesday for a reason, it was a terrific evening ," Trump said, boasting of having done "something no one had done before in history" and accusing Biden of being "the worst president ever."

He then prophesied that the Republican Party "will soon be reunited," increasing pressure for Haley to leave the race .

Biden responded harshly but only with a statement from his campaign: Trump «is determined to destroy our democracy, to take away fundamental freedoms such as the ability for women to make their own healthcare decisions, and to approve another round of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the rich - and will do or say anything to get into power."

Haley also preferred to rely on a note to reply to the tycoon, maintaining that "unity cannot be achieved by simply saying 'we are united'". “There remains a large group of Republican voters who are deeply concerned about Trump…this is not the unity our party needs to succeed. Addressing these concerns will make the party and America better,” he warned. Now he will have to decide whether or not to continue the race, even if he has no hope of reaching the quorum for the nomination. But after Super Tuesday he knows he can count on a wealth of votes that averages around 20% (even in the swing state of North Carolina), exceeding 30% in Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, and touching 40% in some States, as in Massachusetts. Just enough to make Trump lose on November 5th.


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