“The use of Western missiles to strike deep into Russian territory will bring serious consequences.” Russian President Vladimir Putin said this in a new attack against NATO, where he also went so far as to evoke the specter of a "global war".

"European countries, especially those with a small territory and a high population density, must understand what they risk before talking about attacks deep inside Russian territory", added the Kremlin leader, referring to the availability given by some countries of the Alliance - such as Poland - to give further military support to Ukraine. Words - those of the Tsar - which are, however, also and above all a response to the proposal of the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg on Kiev's use of missiles supplied by Western countries to strike Russia.

“The NATO leadership must understand what it is playing with,” Putin continued, then launching a venomous jab at Stoltenberg: “I remember him when he was prime minister in Norway and he didn't yet suffer from dementia,” said the Russian president.


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