Mothers who help each other in times of war, with solidarity with Ukrainians that crosses all borders.

A row of strollers complete with blankets and all the necessities for babies on a platform of a train station in Poland.

The photo was posted on her Facebook profile by Julia Musakovska, a Ukrainian poet and manager: "Polish mothers have left their strollers at the station for Ukrainian mothers who may need them when they arrive in Poland with their children," Musakovska explains.

Also this in its own way a glimpse of the war, which sees among its protagonists thousands of women, mothers, sisters and aunts forced to flee their homes taking children with them, not always and not necessarily their children.

So the Polish women have thought of the many Ukrainian refugees and left on the train tracks those strollers that will make it easier for them to travel to a safe place, far from the war.

It is estimated that over 100,000 people cross the border between Ukraine and Poland every day.

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