She had not answered phone calls for some time, and relatives were convinced that the woman was engaged in her business in Brussels. Gabriella Mura, 42, originally from Sassari, granddaughter of the well-known Sassari artist Elio Pulli, was found dead in her home in the Belgian capital where she had been residing for some time.

The worried family alerted the Italian consulate in Brussels after they hadn't given news of themselves for days. The police intervened on the spot, reaching the woman's house. They knocked several times without receiving an answer, then broke down the door and found her lying on the ground lifeless. The causes of death are not yet known, but the 42-year-old may have died a few days before the discovery. Therefore, the coroner of the capital has ordered an autopsy that could be performed in the next few days.

The apartment was seized to allow for investigations and to understand what really happened.

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