As the 218th day of the war opens in Ukraine , the announcement of the annexation of the territories occupied by the Russians arrives from the Kremlin tomorrow and on the basis of the referendum that saw the victory in a plebiscite way.

And if the White House communicates another $ 1.1 billion package of military aid , China through Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei declares itself ready to "increase military strategic communication" with Russia , continuing " concrete cooperation in various fields "in order" to enrich bilateral relations and to make a stable and positive contribution to regional and world peace ".

"Dozens" of refugees fleeing the Kharkiv region were killed in the bombing of their convoy by Ukrainian forces, the report coming from Kiev.

And the Prime Minister Mario Draghi , in a new telephone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, assured that Italy will not recognize the outcome of the referendum and confirmed the "continuous support from the Italian government to the authorities and to the Ukrainian population in all the areas ".

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Finland also condemns the annexation

"Finland strongly condemns any attempt by Russia to annex territories that are part of Ukraine. Russia's bogus illegal referendums will never be recognized." Sanna Marin, the Finnish premier, writes it on Twitter.


EU reiterates: "We will never accept Russian annexation"

"We do not accept farce referendums and we will never accept any annexation of the occupied Ukrainian territories". This was reiterated by the spokesman of the EU Commission Dana Spinant following the announcement by Moscow of the annexation, tomorrow, of the occupied territories of the Donbass.


Finland closes the borders to Russian "tourists": the measure from tonight

Finland has decided to close the borders to Russian 'tourists' starting from the night between Thursday and Friday. This was stated by the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat which announces a government press conference for today at 13.15 to explain the new rules for the entry of Russians to the border with the aim, writes the newspaper, "of reducing the arrival of Russians. in Finland up to half of the current level ".

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