“A nightmare is over, I'm finally home”.

These are the first words of Marco Zennaro, the Venetian businessman who was detained for almost a year in Sudan, after returning to Italy this morning at Fiumicino airport.

Zennaro was stuck in the African country, due to a "travel ban" that hit him following some accusations and disputes related to his business, including that of having delivered a batch of defective transformers to his customers.

From what is learned he would have been acquitted in three criminal proceedings, but a civil case would remain open instead.

His case was dealt with, among others, by the director general for Italians abroad of the Farnesina, Luigi Vignali, who in recent days had personally traveled to Sudan precisely to follow the developments of the affair; eventually succeeding in having the so-called travel ban removed

in fact it prevented the entrepreneur from being able to return to Italy.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, on a mission in the Republic of Congo at the moment, also heard Zennaro by telephone, to wish him his "welcome back to Italy".

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