Joe Biden's party , after a tough head-to-head with the Republicans, wins a new seat in the United States Senate with the victory of Democrat Raphael Warnock in Georgia . The incumbent senator defeated Herschel Walker, a man close to Donald Trump.

The US president, who   according to the polls he should have suffered a defeat in the mid-term elections, instead he comes out strengthened by this electoral round . Even before the official results, Biden had shown himself extremely confident: "We will win, we will win in Georgia".

The balance of power in Congress , however , does not change: the Democrats had already secured control of the Senate after the first round of the legislative elections in November in which the Republicans took control of the House, but with a much smaller majority than expected.

Biden's party , which has governed with a very narrow majority for two years, will instead acquire greater freedom of maneuver and specific weight with the new victory.


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