When the explosion occurred, the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines contained approximately 800 million cubic meters of gas in the three offshore lines. This was communicated, during a video link during the meeting of the United Nations Security Council, was Sergei Kupriyanov, spokesman for Gazprom: "According to available estimates - he confirmed - there were about 800 million cubic meters of gas in the three pipeline lines at the time of the accident. It is the consumption of Denmark for three months . ”Kupriyanov also stressed that Gazprom is looking for possible solutions to resume operation of the Nord Stream system, but at the moment it is difficult to establish the timing of the restoration.

In the last few hours, intelligence sources cited by the German magazine Spiegel claim that the plants, in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark, were hit in four places by explosions with 500 kilos of TNT , the equivalent of the explosive power of a bomb. airplane.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the German government, Steffen Hebestreit, reiterated last night that what happened to the pipelines can only be " a deliberate act of sabotage ", the same position of American President Joe Biden who, speaking at the White House, said: "The Gas leaks from the Nord Stream were caused by a deliberate attack. What Putin says are just lies ", further assuring that the US and its allies" will find out what happened "to the pipeline.

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