Coup in Peru .

Parliament dismissed President Pedro Castillo with 101 votes in favor, six against and ten abstentions and summoned Vice President Dina Boluarte to formalize the presidential succession.

A few hours earlier the now ex-president, increasingly isolated, attempted to dissolve Parliament by declaring a state of emergency. In an address to the nation, he announced his intention to convene legislative elections and decreed the introduction of a curfew starting today between 10 pm local time and 4 am the following day .

A dramatic announcement made, obviously not by chance, a few hours before the start of a session of Parliament in which a resolution regarding his dismissal due to "moral incapacity" was due to be discussed .

Five ministers, in response, presented their resignations in protest against Castillo, including the holder of the foreign ministry, Cesar Landa: «In view of President Castillo's decision to dissolve Parliament in violation of the constitution and in strict compliance with my convictions and democratic and constitutional values, I have decided to present my irrevocable resignation," he wrote on Twitter.

The Minister of Labour, Alejandro Salas, said the same, announcing his resignation "in line with my principles and in full respect of democracy". A few minutes later, the irrevocable resignation of the Minister of Economy, Kurt Burneo, also arrived, denouncing "the violation of the rule of law". Finally, the resignation of the Minister of Justice, Felix Chero, was not long in coming, and by the Minister of Culture, Silvana Robles.

The vice president of the Peruvian Republic, Dina Boluarte, condemned the decision by President Pedro Castillo to dissolve Parliament : it is, she denounced, "a coup d'état that aggravates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome in strict respect of the law".

Castillo fled the government palace in Lima with his whole family: according to local media, he was arrested on Avenida Espana and transferred to a police barracks .


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