Australia will have a premier of Italian origins.

The Labor Party has won over the conservative coalition of current Prime Minister Scott Morrison and so its leader Anthony Albanese will be premier.

Ending nine years of conservative rule, "the Australian people voted for change," Albanese said in his victory speech, vowing to turn Australia into a renewable energy "superpower".

THE STORY - Anthony Albanese was 14 when he made an incredible discovery: his father Carlo was alive .

Carlo Albanese, originally from Barletta, was a steward on a cruise ship when he met Maryanne Ellery in 1962 , during the only overseas voyage of his life to Asia and Europe.

As the 2016 biography, “Albanese: Telling it Straight” recounts, Carlo abandoned his son and Maryanne after his birth. It was therefore to avoid the "scandal" in Australia in the 1960s and within a very Catholic family that the news was spread that Carlo had died in a car accident shortly after his marriage in Europe .

When he was a little boy, Anthony, whom friends call "Albo", learned the truth from his mother. Years later he decided to meet his father, shortly before his death in Italy in 2014.

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