Europol has dismantled a "super cartel" that controlled much of the cocaine market in Europe .

Police officers from Holland, France, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates took part in the operation. 49 people have been arrested in various countries, including "six high-value targets" in Dubai , the agency announced today.

"The drug traffickers considered high-value targets by Europol had banded together - he explained - to form what was known as a super cartel that controlled about a third of the cocaine trade in Europe ".

The organization had established its base in the countries where the main European ports are located. From Dubai the "Drug Lords" controlled and directed the activities in the various countries.

The 49 arrests: 13 were made in Spain, 6 in France, 10 in Belgium and 14 in Holland, the others in Dubai including the six "high-value targets".

During the investigation, which had been going on for over two years, more than 30 tons of cocaine were seized .

"In these two years - Europol says - we have brought together the various countries involved to establish a common strategy in order to bring down the entire network". Two weeks ago in Dubai, Bruno Carbone, one of the major Italian narcos, who was on the run in 2003 and sentenced to 20 years in prison, was arrested.


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