A drama that we already know in Italy and that today instead takes place in Morocco where a 5-year-old child fell into a 60-meter deep well and is still there after two days. A story that recalls that of Alfredino Rampi who on 10 June 1981 ended up in an artesian well near Fiumicino.

Ryan is still alive, local media say. At work, in a rural area not far from Chefchauen, there are bulldozers and technicians. And of course the cameras: the whole country follows what is happening with bated breath.

According to the family, on Tuesday afternoon, the little boy fell into the well in a rocky ground while playing in the fields. When they did not see him return, the parents raised the alarm.

For now Ryan has been seen sitting at the bottom of the well, thanks to a mobile phone with a video camera lowered deeply. They gave him oxygen, food, water, and rescuers talk to him all the time to keep him awake. A local young man, with a thin build, offered to abseil, but the walls shrink further after 30 meters and, after making a few attempts, he had to give up. An image that reminds Italians of the name of Angelo Licheri, the Sardinian volunteer who had tried to save Alfredino.

Ryan spoke, in a faint voice he called his mother, then the communication with the volunteer was interrupted.

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