The “war” is “holy, as befits the “city of Peter”. No holds barred, all traced by registered letters, heavy words, statements that sculpt truths that have so far remained undefined perceptions of the Palace. Not only is a power struggle taking place over the wind attack on the "Land of Nuraghi", but also a titanic clash over the constitutional "values" of the Environment, Landscape and Cultural Heritage. The "political" alignment of the Ministries of Rome has blown up, in the face of the conscience that glimpses "destruction" at the gates. A strong definition of "destruction", which some might accuse of exorbitant journalistic license.

Textual: «destruction»

This is not the case, it is exactly the term that appears in the exchange of letters between the Dicastery of Cultural Heritage and that of the Environment, a Ministry dedicated indefinitely to the cause of Energy Security. The showdown is put in black and white, after months of latent clashes, which never exploded externally. The weight of the conflict, however, has been felt for some time, since the "strategic-lobbying" line of the Draghi Government had decided " manu militari " that the Cultural and Landscape Heritage had to succumb to the progress of "rotating steel skyscrapers" and infinite expanses of silicon, devastating mirrors with which to occupy agricultural areas and rolling hills, until then entrusted to "superfluous" and "useless" grazing. The offices of the Roman College, the central headquarters of the Ministry which by its "mission" should protect archaeological heritage and landscape, culture and history, resented it badly. The passage was crucial and devastating, transforming the opinion on shovels and panels from "mandatory-binding" to "mandatory-non-binding", as if to say, "just sing", your verb will not have the dignity of respect and listening . The Courts, first of all the Sardinia Regional Administrative Court, in the last two years, case by case, had returned the stolen goods, with precise and reasoned sentences on the prevalence of constitutional values, the relationship between the cumulative effect of industrial wind farms and the landscape, between weights and comparison of the "universal goods" of Man. The Pnrr, the European-imposed "National Recovery and Resilience Plan", at the origin of the crime, however, had given the Ministry of the Environment the license to "kill", to eliminate landscape, nature and archaeological heritage in order to satisfy the energy-business "greed" of the wind and sun lobbies. A supremacy sanctioned by decree, destroying the Treaties and the Constitution, in order to pave, in every sense, the way for energy speculation, which is overwhelming Sardinia. The latest legislative passage marks an impressive disfigurement: with the decree-law n.13 of 2023 the minimum distance from the archaeological assets, Nuraghi, Tombs of the Giants, Menhirs, has been reduced to three kilometers compared to the initial seven of the previous regulatory device.

The dispute over “values”

An unacceptable speculative advance for the heads of the Superintendencies who are increasingly called upon to retreat from the protection of the assets entrusted to them. All until the "number one" of the Special Superintendency of the Pnnr, Luigi La Rocca, takes emails and certified e-mails and writes to the top management of the Ministry of the Environment, to the General Directorate of Environmental Assessments and to the Pnrr - Pniec Technical Commission. The object of the dispute is the latest of the Saras oil company's assault plans on the heart of the island with a project destined to overturn the landscape and the archaeological heritage in the area with seven gigantic wind turbines, the most powerful ones with 7 megawatts each. Sarcidano around Isili. It is in that letter, a digital protocol dated May 22nd, that the direct attack, without frills, on the excessive power exercised by the "Ministry of Wind Power at all costs" is contained. The premise is clear : the opinion on the project is "strongly negative". The reference is to the climbing of the wind arm of the Sarroch refinery to the proscenium of the Nuraghe Is Paras, in Isili, but the continuation of the communication is the harshest of the protests: you want to destroy the entire natural/agricultural landscape by transforming it into an industrial landscape . Not a prejudiced statement, but a position argued point by point, on the point of law, exposing the nefarious mystery designed by the Palaces of Rome to erode the entire territory of the island in "concentric circles". What the Special Superintendence reveals is a perverse mechanism, almost a chain reaction, capable of always moving the limits of "destruction" forward. In short, each new wind turbine becomes an extension of the devastation, a continuous advance of the border of landscape havoc.

Assault stratagem

A regulatory ploy that emerged in previous investigations by our newspaper, but which now has the seal of state offices. The Superintendent writes: « the construction of the industrial wind power plant in question, that of Saras, would constitute for the Ministry of the Environment the automatic further classification of all the natural and agricultural areas surrounding the individual wind turbines, for 500 metres, as " suitable areas” ex lege for the installation of renewable source systems, so much so as to constitute for the Ministry itself the legitimation for the transformation/destruction of the same natural/agricultural landscape through its total transformation into an industrial landscape ". A real transformation/destruction conceived with the mechanism of military advance: each new shovel constitutes a new trench which legitimizes a further conquest of directly adjacent land with a pace without borders and limits. An operation studied on the table which - according to the "number one" of the Special Superintendence - will have a devastating consequence: «the values of equal protection of the Landscape referred to in art. 9 of the Constitution would no longer have any type of recognition, resulting in being submissive with respect to the protection of the environment, although the environmental factor of the cultural heritage and landscape is still recognized as an essential part of it by the Environmental Code". All this - it is written in the letter - will cause " consequently, the extension of the areas suitable for the construction of renewable energy plants, beyond all possible imagination, as it is generated precisely by the presence of new and continuous wind and photovoltaic plants in the area " . In the Archaeological Protection offices they know the reaction of the Ministry of the Environment: they won't care. They write it but announce a battle: " if the Ministry of the Environment should nevertheless decide to overcome - by unilaterally adopting the Environmental Impact Assessment measure without the agreement of the undersigned - the negative preliminary technical opinion given by this special Superintendency for the Pnrr with specific reference to the protection of the cultural heritage as a whole and of the landscape referred to in the European Landscape Convention, will in any case have to make explicit and adequate justification in the unilateral act taken for the conclusion of the EIA procedure, having, however, well in mind that the provisions of the "Draghi Decree" relate solely to the profiles of landscape competence of this Administration and not also to those of protection of archaeological and architectural cultural heritage". In other words, you can override everything, but not the protection of archaeological and architectural heritage.

Region prone on Rome

A real declaration of war to protect the immense nuragic heritage of the island, undertaken precisely when the Sardinian Region, with the sudden halt in the examination of the draft law on the matter, seems to "abdicate" its constitutional and statutory powers in matter of "Territorial Government", the only ones capable of stopping the lurking havoc. Waiting for the Government decree on "suitable areas" means giving up on imposing effective and timely "urban planning rules", the only ones that can block the development with immediate effect devastation of Sardinia. Any further waste of time is a gift to the wind and sun speculators.

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