The battle of the Oss of the Monserrato Polyclinic is ready to level up. «To block the city», warn the precarious Oss from the garrison in Via Roma who for two months have set up their headquarters in a tent in front of the regional health department.

There are 39 of them and they forcefully ask for stabilization: «For 60 days now we have been demonstrating peacefully under the department, we ask that our right to work be respected. Some will think that we have adapted, that we are always respectful and almost nice, but we are not there to keep the department's employees company, we are there because after two months we are still loudly asking for reinstatement in the departments of the university hospital ."

They want their "humble" work back, "which, however difficult, allowed us to live a normal life". The responses received? «Never too clear», they say.

This is why the battle can become harder. «We need concrete facts. Dear political class, what will you answer when they ask you why we are still there? There are 39 of us, we were supposed to be a priority and instead we have perhaps become furnishings for you, not for us who are ready to demonstrate again and block the entire city . Maybe Sant'Efisio will help us."


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