Very delicate Coronavirus situation in Palau: 47 positive cases, one hospitalized person and numerous other cases under investigation. The most affected area is the hamlet of Porto Pollo, where, according to the mayor of Palau Francesco Giuseppe Manna, "the presence of people opposed to vaccination is strongly concentrated, among whom a contagion strategy is hypothesized in order to circumvent the new provisions anti Covid, bordering on aspects of illegality ".

Very heavy affirmations spread in a video on social media, in which the mayor of Palau also stated "that 85% of the infected are not vaccinated and that among the infections there are also children".

The mayor of Palaian also announced a series of restrictive measures for the community. From Saturday 4th December until 18th any type of demonstration, event or show will be suspended. The playground will also be closed and the use of masks will also be introduced outdoors. Private dinners, which are not family-oriented, are prohibited.

Finally, the heartfelt appeal of the mayor to the community: "Everyone vaccinate yourselves, this is the only way we can contain the pandemic".

Reached this afternoon on the phone, in particular on the Porto Pollo case and the hypothesized "contagion strategy", Francesco Giuseppe Manna said: "At the moment I cannot add anything more, there are investigations underway".

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