She had not thrown herself voluntarily from the motorway overpass, but was killed by her partner, who made her fall onto the roadway, the woman whose body was found at dawn yesterday on the A4 , torn apart by passing vehicles, in Vigonza (Padua).

Her name was Giada Zanola, she was 34 years old: she was thrown from the bridge, falling about fifteen metres. The turning point, in what seemed like a suicide, came during the night, at the end of the investigations by the agents of the Padua and Venice Polstrada and by the Flying Squad of the Padua Police Headquarters. The 39-year-old man, who made some admissions to the prosecutor, was arrested for voluntary manslaughter.

The couple, who have a 3-year-old child, had been in crisis for some time. The murder, according to the police reconstruction, occurred at the height of an argument that the two had while they were on the bridge over the motorway in Vigonza, not far from their home. Here the companion made her fall.

Some cars managed to avoid the body, then Zanola was fatally hit by a truck. Both the victim and the suspect are Italian. Reconstructing the hours preceding the event, the Polstrada and Flying Squad officers, together with the scientific police, found elements that led the tragedy to be a murder hypothesis.

The prosecutor then went to the police offices, where he questioned the 39-year-old, and at the end ordered the arrest of the suspect of voluntary homicide, a measure carried out by the police. The man was taken to prison.


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