The return home of the first evacuees in Vigo di Fassa , in the province of Trento, was ordered, removed from their homes after a water bomb that last night caused landslides and landslides and the flooding of some waterways in a short time .

There are more than forty people, almost all those who had been evacuated in the Pera di Fassa area due to an unstable boulder.

However, there are still many who are waiting for the green light to return home. Overall , the situation now appears calm , the rain has stopped and - after the appropriate measures taken to ensure the safety of people - monitoring with drones and cleaning operations are continuing.

After so much drought, bad weather hit Valle d'Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige yesterday evening: in a hurry, one hundred people were evacuated to Val di Fassa from hotels and private homes due to the risk of landslides, just as the first exodus of August with many Italians and foreign tourists marching on roads and highways with accidents and queues.

Many problems have been reported throughout the valley, such as floods, unsafe boulders, subsidence of roads.

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