They are accused of stealing fuel from the service vehicles of the Ama, the municipal waste disposal company in Rome , and of having then resold it. For this reason, the military of the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza carried out precautionary measures in prison, ordered by the investigating judge at the request of the Capitoline prosecutors, against 7 subjects, including 4 in charge of public service and Ama employees.

The investigations are for criminal association aimed at embezzlement in relation to the theft of fuel from vehicles used for the urban hygiene service.

The investigating judge also ordered the preventive seizure of assets for over 200 thousand euros , available to 6 other employees of the investee company.

THE INVESTIGATIONS - The investigations made it possible to reconstruct alleged subtractions , appropriations and sales of diesel in the availability of Ama, operations carried out by employees with the support of some private individuals.

According to what has been reconstructed, the persons in charge of the public service involved would have appropriated fuel both by taking it directly from the tanks of the vehicles of Ama, with the "sucking" technique , and by improperly using fuel cards in use by the company for refueling the service vehicles.

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