About thirty people were yesterday on the Marmolada glacier at the time of the tragedy . Thirteen are missing, after 5 of the people "claimed" by their families were found safe and sound: ten are of Italian nationality, three of Czech nationality.

Seven confirmed victims , four have been identified. There are three Italians - one from Vicenza, one from Treviso, both mountain guides, and a third always from Veneto - and a Czech.

Eight were injured , including two in critical condition. One of the most serious is admitted to the Treviso hospital, with a reserved prognosis. Not being conscious, it has not been possible up to now to establish its identity in any other way. It has a significant cerebral edema and internal organ injuries. His conditions are stable.

The Alpine Rescue has set up a special number exclusively to report any missing persons, available to those who intend to communicate the non-return of friends and family members from the area of the collapse: 0461/495272.

The bodies recovered so far are tortured , an element that makes it difficult to recognize and even quantify the deaths exactly. Today investigations will be carried out through the DNA, crossing the genetic data of the remains found with those of family members and relatives who are gradually getting in touch with the rescuers in these hours.

The tragedy is known at the moment that the mass of material that broke off the glacier fell at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour . A substantial part of the glacier is still attached to the mountain: it is a 200-meter ice front with a height of 60 meters and a depth of 80 meters.

If one were to make a comparison, the experts said, it is the equivalent of two football fields filled with ice . All exposed to 45 degrees of slope.

The material that has detached is instead extended on a front of two kilometers on the normal route at a height of about 2,800 meters: and this means, in fact, that the mass of material that has detached has traveled at least 500 meters with a speed estimated by the technicians equal to 300 km per hour.

DRAGHI AND MATTARELLA - The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, arrived in Canazei (Trento) where the operations center that is coordinating the rescue and search operations has been set up: " Today Italy mourns these victims and all Italians huddle fondly , ”said Draghi. "This is a drama that certainly has unpredictability, but it certainly depends on the deterioration of the environment and the climatic situation. The Government must reflect on what has happened and take measures so that what has happened has a very low probability of happening and indeed is avoided".

While the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, phoned the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti, to express condolences and closeness for the tragedy of the Marmolada and expressed words of gratitude towards the rescuers.

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