Surveyor Roberto Canepa, father of Camilla, the 18-year-old who died on 6 June last year after receiving a dose of AstraZeneca's anti-Covid vaccine, died of a sudden illness.

The 53-year-old man felt ill late yesterday afternoon in Zoagli, in the province of Genoa, where he was walking with some friends.

The illness, apparently a heart attack, was lightning-fast: Canepa collapsed and despite the immediate help he died.

The news spread quickly in Sestri Levante where Canepa ran a real estate agency.

It is yet another close mourning that the Canepa family undergoes. A month after the death of Camilla, who died of a cerebral haemorrhage, the girl's grandfather, Carlo Canepa, had died.

Roberto Canepa leaves his wife and Beatrice the elder sister of Camilla.

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