As part of a school project, they were attending the screening of the film Fortapàsc with Libero De Rienzo about Giancarlo Siani, the Neapolitan journalist killed by the Camorra in 1985. At the moment of the murder, a small group among them started clapping their hands. An article in Il Mattino reconstructs it: the event apparently took place at the Plaza del Vomero cinema, with some students from the Maiuri-Piscicelli comprehensive institute as protagonists.

«Death is never applauded for anyone. This should be part of the human soul. In the face of death we remain silent, this doesn't even need to be explained. But if instead it happens, if some kids, a few, very young ones, from a school that is working hard to raise in them a sense of legality and justice, applaud the violent death and therefore choose to be on the side of those who shoot, there 'We all need to ask ourselves why', commented Paolo Siani, paediatrician, former parliamentarian and Giancarlo's brother . «Now, now, before it's too late. We cannot pretend nothing has happened, we must intervene, explain, tell, and we must do it with more strength, more vehemence, more courage, more passion, everyone. Because it affects us all. Raising awareness against mafias and violence is never enough, we cannot give up, not even for a moment. I do not give up. We don't give up."

The Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara also spoke on the case: «The school is and must be the first safeguard of legality, it is and must be a community, by definition, antithetical to any mentality that recalls the mafia one or even applauds it. For this reason, the gravity of the gesture of applauding the brutal Camorra murder of the journalist Giancarlo Siani, as happened in Naples during the screening of the film Fortapasc by some students, disconcerts and worries me. Today I therefore intend to take action to shed full light on what happened."

«I believe that episodes like the one in Naples, in which the end of a courageous journalist is applauded, are not only to be stigmatized, but also require intervention with the training measures that the school has», the words of the president of the ANP, National Association principals of Rome, Mario Rusconi. «The training measures - he continues - also include a re-education process for those children who - either due to a silly and foolish prank or negative intentions - intend to glorify situations which, instead, require unanimous condemnation not only of the entire school community, but of the entire social system . Therefore, intervention measures for these children are welcome so that they understand that, when faced with serious episodes, the school intends to intervene. Otherwise we will do nothing but complain about negative things without having any ability to intervene. The school must intervene, naturally with the firmness that any re-educational measure that has an educational value requires."


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