Alarm in Novara and in the surrounding area due to the fire that broke out in the Kemi chemical company , which processes chemical solvents , in the industrial area of San Pietro Mosezzo, on the border with the capital of Novara.

About fifty people worked in the structure, but when the flames broke out there were 30 of them . Everyone managed to save themselves . " It's a slaughterhouse , the whole shed has exploded, it's all burned," says a woman on the square in front of the factory in a video shot by an employee.

The damage was limited by the immediate activation of the company emergency plan , which allowed everyone to leave the factory in a short time . But the problems are not over: the wind is moving the black cloud towards Lombardy and the mayor of Novara, Alessandro Canelli , has invited all citizens to keep the windows closed and " not to leave the house unless strictly necessary ".

"The fire is under control by the fire brigade, but obviously a column of smoke has risen which could create risks from an environmental and health point of view ", the declarations of the mayor. ARPA (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection) teams were also on site for the first surveys. The explosions heard in the first moments of the explosion would be due to blown manhole covers.


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