The very strong heat - temperatures constantly over 30 degrees - and the high consumption of electricity due to the many air conditioners that are turned on even 24 hours a day sends Northern Italy into a tailspin. In particular Milan.

In the Bovisa district, on the northern outskirts of the Lombard capital, the situation was worse: for six hours many houses were left without light . Blackout even in the center in the afternoon lasted almost a couple of hours. Also yesterday in the late afternoon the light went out for about half an hour.

Terraces of the Duomo off limits because the elevators do not work and problems for all the shops and offices in the area . Situation that will not change over the weekend, in which temperatures even above 35 degrees are expected in Milan and throughout Lombardy.

Unareti, a company that manages the distribution of electricity and gas, explains that in the last week a further increase in electricity consumption was recorded in Milan and yesterday's was 25GWh, + 10% compared to the previous day and + 25% compared to last week .

“In general - the company warns - breakdowns can occur in any area of the city, also based on the trend in consumption that influence the stress of the network”.

Similar inconveniences were recorded last night and this night in various districts of Turin , where in the last week there was an increase in consumption of 11-12% compared to the previous one.

(Unioneonline / L)

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