Antonio Scurati was not in the studio at "CheSarà" , last night on Rai3 . But his monologue on April 25 blocked by Rai 24 hours after it was broadcast was read in full , at the beginning of the episode, by the presenter Serena Bortone. “The writer gave it to me,” he explains.

A text which has meanwhile become viral and even shared by Giorgia Meloni on her Facebook profile , "because those who have always been ostracized and censored by the public service will never ask for anyone's censorship". «In an Italy full of problems, even today the left is building a case . This time it is for an alleged censorship of a monologue by Scurati to celebrate April 25th . The left shouts at the regime, Rai replies that it has simply refused to pay 1,800 euros (the monthly salary of many employees) for a minute of monologue. I don't know what the truth is, but I will calmly publish the text of the monologue (which I hope not to have to pay for)", writes Meloni in the post.

Words to which the writer replies, in a letter published by : «I inform you that what you carelessly state, despite ignoring the truth by your own admission, is false both with regards to the compensation and with regards to the extent of the commitment ", underlines Scurati. "I don't think I deserve this further defamatory attack." And he continues: «My thoughts on fascism and post-fascism, well rooted in facts, had to be silenced. It continues to be so now that the discussion has shifted to the evidently specious question of compensation. In order to manage to muddy the waters, and hide the real issue raised by my text, a head of government, using all his overwhelming power, does not hesitate to personally and harshly attack with denigrating statements a private citizen and writer of his compatriot who has been translated and read all over the world. This, dear President, is violence. Not physical, of course, but still violence. Is this the price you have to pay today in your Italy for expressing your thoughts? ».

The case opened in the morning with a post on Instagram in which Serena Bortone explained that she had learned "by chance" that the contract with Scurati had been "cancelled" , "without plausible explanations".

A choice immediately criticized by the opposition, which shouted " censorship ", while anticipated the text of the monologue - which later went viral everywhere - in which Scurati accuses the prime minister of never having repudiated "the fascist experience as a whole » .

Viale Mazzini's response is entrusted to the words of Paolo Corsini, director of the Insight: «No censorship. Scurati's participation has never been questioned", the explanation recalling that the writer's name had been included in the official list of guests and inviting " not to confuse editorial aspects with those of an economic and contractual nature , on which investigations due to higher figures than expected and other promotional aspects to be clarified connected to the relationship between the writer and other competing publishers".

The financial request would therefore have ended up in the crosshairs - which would have been 1,800 euros - and the risk of indirectly advertising the Sky series based on M. The son of the century, the 2019 Strega prize-winning book by Scurati.

Rai «clarifies about Scurati's super compensation», asks the president of the Chamber's Culture commission Federico Mollicone from Fratelli d'Italia . The FdI representatives in the Supervision echo this, announcing the request to audit the leaders of Viale Mazzini: «It must be ascertained whether it is true that to read a one-minute monologue on April 25th Rai would have had to pay around 2 thousand euros» and « whether the failure to air is due to an editorial choice or an economic one".

And while, from the stage of the demonstration with the Uil, the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini also points the finger at Scurati's 'blackout' , the writer's text will be read in various Italian squares and theaters on 25 April , at the invitation of the mayor Giorgio Gori from Bergamo.

Meloni «took the time to publish the censored text – the comment of the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein , speaking at a conference in Naples – now take the time to read it and declare yourself anti-fascist, like our constitution ».

The CEO of RAI, Roberto Sergio , also intervened on the matter and in an interview published today by the newspaper La Stampa explains how "for weeks" RAI has been "the victim of a daily political war with the aim of destroying it". . And precisely on this the CEO announces that "what has happened cannot end here" and that "I have asked for a report by Monday, drastic measures will be taken".

"No one informed me" of the censored monologue, Sergio specified . «I learned about the Scurati case from the post that the journalist Serena Bortone published on her social profiles. It should have been done differently. We can also discuss the request for 1,800 euros for one minute of broadcast, whether it was exaggerated or not or not compatible with Rai standards, and therefore also ethically unacceptable, but I certainly wouldn't have censored it. I would have aired it and I would have asked Serena Bortone, if necessary, for a rebalancing in accordance with the legislation governing equal conditions."


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