Drivers without a license, because it was never obtained or revoked or suspended, have caused almost three thousand deaths in ten years - from 2013 to 2022 - 2,967 to be precise, and over 53 thousand injuries on Italian roads.

This is the terrible figure made known by the Asaps research office, the Association of supporters of the Traffic Police, which processed the Istat numbers.

The year 2022 , after the end of the pandemic, saw the worst data , with 342 deaths and 7,568 injuries . In practice, from accidents with consequences to people alone, it would emerge that 10% of cars in circulation are driven by a driver without a licence : a growing phenomenon, despite Law 41/2016 having introduced "driving without a licence" as an aggravating factor in homicide. road traffic and personal road injuries.

The penalties foreseen for simple "driving without a license" range from 5,100 to 30,599 euros (discounted payment within 5 days at 3,570 euros) with the administrative detention of the vehicle for three months, thanks to the decriminalization rules of January 2016. Only if you are If you are caught driving without a license again within the two-year period, criminal charges will be triggered, which can lead to the sanction of arrest for up to one year and the confiscation of the vehicle.

According to Asaps data , many "fearless" drivers were foreigners, even with minors driving .

«The issue of road homicides caused by drivers without a license will have to be evaluated by the legislator in the parliamentary work for the reform of the highway code, now being examined by the Transport Commission in the Chamber», says Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps, recalling that «in In 1999 the law was decriminalized and in 2007 it became a crime again, due to the very negative data on accidents in Italy. Then a new reverse in 2016, with the return to administrative sanctions and criminal violations only in the event of repeat offenses. If trials have decreased, the 2022 data, the worst of the decade, must worry us."


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